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The morale of the crowd was boosted, and there was another burst of cheers. Lu Jingnan quieted everyone down and said, "Now, I want to tell you the detailed arrangements for this training.". The training is divided into three stages. In the first stage, because most people have just recovered, they will carry out semi-recuperation and semi-recovery training. After this stage, they will strive to restore their physical strength to the state before they go to the door of life. I have arranged ten days for this stage. If the situation is good, it can be shortened to about one week. The second stage is specially arranged for our superficial shortcomings in front of the inverted hanging temple. To this end, I would like to introduce several new instructors to you,jacuzzi suppliers, who will give you remote guidance through the network. Remember, although their identity has been verified, they should pay special attention to what they should say and what they should not say. As she spoke,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, she turned on the laser, and three new faces appeared on the screen, one Chinese and two foreigners, all of whom were characterized by slender and strong bodies, with soft and elastic muscle lines. Lu Jingnan introduced to everyone: "This is Mr. Wang Yiren. He is the pillar of the Chinese Acrobatic Art Troupe. Do you know how the acrobats climb the pole?" Said, Lu Jingnan turned on the laser, the screen appeared acrobat climbing pole lens, China spa factory ,endless pool factory, flexible like a monkey, very fast, but also between two bamboo poles to do prancing, rolling. I ask you to do the same. Lu Jingnan said: "In addition, Mr. Wang Yiren will also guide you in several physical skills of acrobatics, such as high-altitude swing, balance skills, and bone-shrinking skills." Lu Jingnan's pointer pointed to the second place. The shorter foreign man had the most developed muscles. He was about the same age as Zhuo Mu Qiangba and had a high nose. This is Russia's Divalov, who was an all-round gymnast and led several gymnastics champions after retirement. He will give you professional gymnastics guidance in body and skills. Said, the screen switched to the men's horizontal bar movement, only to hear Lu Jingnan said: "These somersault skills should be very useful in dealing with ancient organs.". I don't require your movements to be as standard as gymnasts, but it's better to aim and shoot at the same time as somersaults, to see six ways and listen to all directions.. When Zhang Li and Yueyang heard this, their eyes were so bulging that they almost fell to the ground. Catch. The picture changes again. I saw a fashionably dressed foreign youth running fast on the roof of a building, then jumped several meters wide in the air, jumped to the roof of another building, then climbed to the edge of the building and jumped directly down, which surprised Zhang and Yue. Lu Jingnan switched the screen and pointed to the third man: "This is Frank from France, an extreme parkour enthusiast.". This extreme sport requires a lot of strength and balance. I hope you can run like them on any terrain. Said, the picture returned to the city, only to see those parkour people jumping back and forth between the stairs and the wall, quickly crossing obstacles,whirlpool bathtub, jumping on the ground to the height of one person, stepping on the wall to climb directly along the wall to the second floor, watching them run is like watching Jackie Chan and Jet Li's kungfu movies. monalisa.com

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Onze accountants geven fiscale adviezen, maken jaarrekeningen en houden de financiële administratie en salarisadministratie op orde.

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Voor fiscale aangiften en onderhouden van contacten met de Belastingdienst.

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Cijfers van een jaarrekening geven een goed inzicht in de financiële gezondheid van uw bedrijf. 

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Salarisadministratie en financiële administratie op orde.

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